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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pebbles and wobbles penguin pattern

Meet pebbles (left) and wobbles (right)! These guys are super easy to make and if you're using the same yarn and hook they come out to 5-6 inches tall. The head and body are worked in one piece. Are you ready to make some penguins?! 

Sc- single crochet (for my sc I insert hook yarn under pull through, then yarn over and pull through)  you may get a slightly larger amigurumi when using the normal yarn over for the entire stitch.
Mc- Magic circle
Inc- increase
Dec – decrease (recommend invisible decrease)
Hdc- half double crochet
Sl st- slip stitch (make sure to slip stitch loosely)
FO- finish off

Black, light Gray, dark gray, white, green yarn for pebbles
Black, white, orange, and blue for wobbles
I used Shine Sport Yarn and Comfy Sport Yarn from knit picks
If you want a larger penguin you can use worsted weight yarn
9mm safety eyes
3.25mm hook(D)
Stitch marker 
Yarn needle (for sewing)

To change color:  You can insert your hook into the last stitch of the round, yarn over and pull through, then yarn over in new color and pull through. Slip st into next stitch.  You can  sc over  yarn tails a  few  stitches then  tie  and tuck  in the back. Don’t forget to count the sl st in the next round.

Note: we will be working in continuous rounds.

Tip: To lessen the hexagon shape single crochet one extra at the end of inc/Dec rounds only and move your stitch marker to that stitch and continue next round as normal

Eye patch (make 2)
Using white
1. Mc sc 7
2. Inc* (14)
3. Sc 
Leave a long tail for sewing and add safety eyes to middle. Insert into the head and snap the backer on the eyes

For pebbles use dark gray, for wobbles use black 
1. Mc sc 6
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc 2, inc* (24)
5. Sc 3, inc* (30)
6. Sc 4, inc* (36)
7. Sc 5, inc* (42)
8. Sc 6, inc* (48)
9. Sc
10. Sc
11. Sc
12. Sc
13. Sc - eyes will go here but you will need to make the white eye patches, insert safety eyes and attach to penguin head 10 stitches apart
14. Sc
15. Sc
16. Sc 6, dec* (42)
17. Sc 5, dec* (36)
18. Sc 4, dec* (30)
19. Sc 3, dec* (24)
20. Sc 2, dec* (18) - change to light Gray for pebbles or keep using black for wobbles
21. Sc
22. Sc 
23. Inc* (36)
24. Sc 5, inc* (42)
25. Sc
26. Sc
27. Sc
28. Sc
29. Sc
30. Sc
31. Sc
32. Sc 5 , dec* (36)
33. Sc
34. Sc
35. Sc 4, dec* (30)
36. Sc
37. Sc 3, dec* (24)
38. Sc
39. Sc 2, dec* (18)
40. Sc 1, dec* (12)
41. Dec* (6)
F/o and weave in end

Wings (makes 2)
For pebbles use light Gray
For wobbles use black
1. Mc sc 4
2. Inc* (8)
3. Sc 1, inc* (12)
4. Sc 2, inc* (16)
5. Sc
6. Sc
7. Sc 6, dec* (14)
8. Sc 5, dec* (12)
9. Sc 
Fold flat and leave a long tail for sewing. Place on the side of body right at neck

Feet (make 2)
For pebbles use dark gray 
For wobbles use orange
1. Mc sc 6
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc
4. Sc
5. Sc 4, dec* (10l
6. Sc
Fold flat and leave a long tail for sewing, place on bottom of body

Pebbles use black
Wobbles use orange
1. Mc sc 4
2. Inc* (8)
3. Sc 1, inc* (12)
4. Sc
5. Sc
Lightly stuff and sew between eyes

Belly(for wobbles only)
Using white
1. Mc sc 6
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc 2, inc* (24)
5. Sc 3, inc* (30)
6. Slst around 
F/o and leave a long tail for sewing 

Pebbles is green
Wobbles is blue (use any color you want!)
Chain 61
1. Hdc in 2nd Ch from hook and across
F/o and weave in ends

You did it! 
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             Pattern designed and written by Ashley Turck

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  1. There is an error in the writing of the pattern in the body round 32 should read *sc5, dec* (36); it currently reads *sc, dec* (36). Other than that this is an adorable pattern and I am really enjoying making Pebbles. He is really adorable and a great place keeper while I wait for more yarn to get to me in the mail for a few much larger dolls that I am going to be making. While I am sewing on the beak, feet, wings, and belly I have already started a second Wobbles by making all of the small parts first and then started the head and body. Took me a day to make the first one... well, maybe 4 hours and going to make a family of them even if I can't make Pebbles and can only make Wobbles because I don't have grey yarn. I do want to make a similar penguin only smaller though and that is a pattern that I have not been able to find for a similar type of penguin. Just might have to use smaller yarn or thread and a much smaller hook.


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