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Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to change color in Amigurumi (smooth join)

There are many ways to change color in crochet, and they all work well. With Amigurumi it's a bit harder to get the color change to be invisible when working in spiral rounds. I have tried many ways but was not happy with any of them until I tried this one. It's the only way that I will change color now and you can try it and let me know if it works for you.

 So when you go to change color you want to insert hook yarn over and pull through, now yarn over in the new color and pull through.

Now this is the part that is important, In the next stitch you want to slip stitch. You can crochet over the tails a few stitches and then I like to stop and tie the new color and old color tails together and stuff them down and be done with them. On the next round you just need to make sure you single crochet into the slip stitch as it still counts as a regular stitch.

 That's it and I have used this way many times and always have a nice smooth color change.

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