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Monday, March 19, 2018

Dusty the kitten pattern

                                Dusty the kitten 

                              Pattern written by Ashley Turck

Do you just love cats! I do! If so then this is puurrfect for you! This is an easy crochet pattern to make and in no time at all you will have your very own kitty! Finished it sits about 6 inches tall.

Worsted weight yarn in two colors I used knitpicks Brava Worsted
Safety eyes
Pink and black embroidery thread
3.5 mm hook

Sc- single crochet (for my sc I insert hook yarn under pull through, then yarn over and pull through)  you may get a slightly larger amigurumi when using the normal yarn over for the entire stitch.
Dec- decrease 
Mc- magic circle

Important please read: You will be working in continuous rounds so do not join. Also the safety eyes are not recommended for children under 3. Make sure you leave long tails after each body part so you can sew on to the body. I recommend using the invisible decrease ( insert your hook into front loop only of next stitch and again in the next then yarn over pull through and yarn over pull through again). Place stitch marker at end of each round and move up after each round

To change color you can insert your hook into last stitch of the round yarn over and pull through, then yarn over in new color and pull through. Slip st into next stitch. You can sc over yarn tails a few stitches then tie and tuck in the back. Don’t forget to count the sl st in the next round.

You are not allowed to sell or distribute this pattern, any part of this pattern, or the photographs in any form. You may sell finished products made using this pattern.

Head and body
Using silver/gray
1.Mc 6 sc into circle
2. Inc around (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc 2, inc* (24)
5. Sc 3, inc* (30)
6. Sc 4, inc* (36)
7. Sc 5, inc* (42)
8. Sc 6, inc* (48)
9.-16. For 8 rows sc around
17. Sc 6, dec* (42)
18. Sc 5, dec* (36)
19. Sc 4, dec* (30)
20. Sc 3, dec* (24)
21. Sc 2, dec* (18)
22. Sc 4, dec* (15)
23. Inc around (30) You can add the safety eyes now between rounds 12 and 13 and about 6 stitches apart. Then start to stuff and shape head.
24.-27. Sc around
28. Sc 4, inc (36)
29. Sc 5, inc (42)
30.-33. Sc around
34. Sc 5, dec* (36)
35. Sc 4, dec* (30)
36. Sc 3, dec* (24)
37. Sc 2, dec* (18)
38. Sc 1, dec* (12) Stuff and shape body after round 38
39. Sc 1, dec* (8)
Using a yarn needle finish sewing up the bottom by going into each stitch and pulling tight. Hide the yarn tail in body.

Ears(make 2)
Using silver
1.Mc 6 sc (6)
2. Sc 1, inc* (9)
3. Sc 2, inc* (12)
4. Sc 3, inc* (15)
5. Sc around
6. Sc around
7. Sc 3, dec* (12)
Sl st into next stitch and f/o leaving a long tail. Don’t stuff the ears, fold flat making sure yarn tail is on the side of ear.

Starting with white
1.Mc 6 sc (6)
2. Sc 1, inc*(9)
3. Sc around
4. Sc around
5. Sc around
6. Sc around – change to silver/gray
7.-24. Sc around
 Sl st into next stitch f/o leave a long tail. Then you can take your pipe cleaner fold it in half and twist it a few times to stay together. Insert into the tail and then using a hook or pencil push some fiber fill down around the pipe cleaner. Cut off remaining end sticking out.

Arms (make two)
Starting with white
1.Mc 6 sc (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. Sc 5, inc* (14)
4. Sc around
5. Sc around – change to silver
6. Sc around
7. Sc 5, dec* (12)
8. Sc 4, dec* (10)
9. Sc around – Start to stuff and shape hand
10.-16. Sc around
Sc to side of arm about 4 or 5 more sc stitches. Finish stuffing and here you can either sl st into next stitch and f/o or you can sc along the edge to close the arm up for easier sewing. Make sure you leave a long tail.

Legs (make two)
Start with white
1.Mc 6 sc (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc around -change to silver/gray
5. Sc around
6. Sc 10, dec 4 times (14)
7. Sc 10, dec 2 times (12)
8. Sc around – start to stuff and shape foot
9. -16. Sc around for a total of 8 rounds
Finish stuffing leg, sc to side of leg and again you can either sl st and f/o or you can close up the edge just like the arms. Make sure you leave a long tail for sewing.

Using white
1.Mc 6 sc (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. Sc around
4. Sc around
Sl st into next stitch toto f/o leaving a long tail. Then using pink embroider the nose and mouth on.

Attaching Parts
First you should embroider on the whiskers with black embroidery thread
Use lots of pins to help hold things in place.
Attach muzzle in between eyes so the top of the muzzle is on the 12th round. Sew all the way around the muzzle and you do not need to stuff muzzle.
Pin ears on top of the head about 3 rounds from the top. Sew the back and front of ears to the head.
If you pin the legs in place it should be able to sit up without support, and sew onto bottom.
Arms will sit right under the neck and sew them into place
Place the tail on the back so that when it’s sitting the tail is not in the way. Sew all the way around to attach.

That’s it! You just made your very own kitty! Thank you for choosing this pattern.

A PDF download version is available on my etsy for 1.99

Feel free to tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #thisisamigurumi

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