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Monday, February 26, 2018

How to crochet a perfect circle in the round (spiral)

Perfect circle in amigurumi and no hard math! One simple step at the end of each increase/decrease round! This is for continuous rounds. 

When I first started Amigurumi I would get so frustrated with the hexagon heads or hexagon body. It drove me nuts looking at it. So I went on a search for a simple way to fix it. Trying different methods and I didn't like any of them.

I searched on Google and no one seemed to have the answer to fix the hexagon problem besides changing every other round to something different, and that gets confusing. It does work though but I wasn't satisfied with it. 

So I never gave up trying to find a simple way and I'm glad I didn't. I feel silly for not thinking of this sooner when it's so easy. I'm sure this tip is not new and probably something that's been around for awhile but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Tip- On increase/decrease rounds only simply single crochet one more stitch by the marker at the end of the round and move the marker to the new spot and start from there with the round as normal. You will not count this stitch so act as if the next stitch is the new starting spot of the round. 
On all other rounds follow the pattern as normal. Try it and let me know how it works for you. 

 This is done without moving the marker at the end of the increase or decrease rounds. As you can see it's not a perfect circle.

This is done by single crocheting one extra stitch and moving the maker to that stitch and starting the next round as normal. See a circle!

So it would look like this
1. Single crochet 6 in magic circle
2. Increase around (12) single crochet one extra single crochet but don't count it and move the marker up one stitch.
3. Single crochet 1, increase * (18) again single crochet one extra at the end and move marker up (don't count it as a stitch) and simply start the next round from there.
Continue to do this at the end of each inc/Dec rounds for the entire pattern. You can do this with any amigurumi pattern.

Yes...that easy. You will have perfect circles every time. 

If you have any questions leave a comment and you can find me on instagram

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