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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sally the frog pattern

   Isn't this just the cutest frog?! She is so easy to make. The legs, body, and head are all one piece so not a lot of sewing! If you know how to attach legs then this should be a very easy pattern for you.

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Sc- single crochet (for my sc I insert hook yarn under pull through, then yarn over and pull through)  you may get a slightly larger amigurumi when using the normal yarn over for the entire stitch.
Mc- Magic circle
Inc- increase
Dec – decrease (recommend invisible decrease)
Sl st- slip stitch
FO- finish off
Dc- Double crochet
HDC- half double crochet 


Sport weight yarn in 2 colors I used knitpicks Shine Sport Yarn in blush and Comfy Sport Yarn in peapod
If you want a larger frog you can use worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook
Also a small amount of white yarn for the eyes
3.25mm hook
12mm safety eyes
Yarn needle
Stitch marker(work in continuous rounds)
Black embroidery thread or black yarn for the eyes

To change color:  You can insert your hook into the last stitch of the round, yarn over and pull through, then yarn over in new color and pull through. Slip st into next stitch.  You can  sc over  yarn tails a  few  stitches then  tie  and tuck  in the back. Don’t forget to count the sl st in the next round.

Please read over the pattern before you start. Thank you!

Legs (make two but don't finish off on second leg)

1. Mc sc 6

2. Inc*(12)
3. Sc
4. Sc
5. Sc
6. Sc
7. Sc
8. Sc
9. Sc
10. Sc
11. Sc
12. Sc
13. Sc 5, inc*(14)
14. Sc
15. Sc
16. Sc 6, inc*(16)
17. Sc
18. Sc

On the first leg weave in yarn tail, on the second leg don't finish off we will continue and attach the legs
Take a piece of yarn and tie both legs together

19. Now we will Sc around in each stitch of both legs and attaching the legs as you single crochet around. At the end you should have 32 stitches total, this will be the start of the body


20. Sc (32)
21. Sc 18, change to pink yarn, sc until stitch marker
22. Sc 14, dec*(30)
23. Sc
24. Sc 13, dec*(28)
25. Sc 12, dec*(26)
26. Sc
27. Sc 11, dec*(24)
28. Sc
29. Sc 10, dec*(22)
30. Sc 9, dec* (20)
31. Sc 8, dec*(18)
32. Sc 13, change back to green, sc the rest until stitch marker
33. Sc 1, dec*(12)

Now we start the head


34. Sc (12)
35. Inc*(24)
36. Sc 3, inc*(30)
37. Sc 4, inc*(36)
38. Sc 5, inc*(42)
39. Sc 6, inc*(48)
40. Sc 7, inc*(54)
41. Sc
42. Sc
43. Sc
44. Sc
45. Sc
46. Sc
47. Sc
48. Sc 7, dec*(48)
49. Sc 6, dec*(42)
50. Sc 5, dec*(36)
51. Sc 4, dec*(30)
52. Sc 3, dec*(24)
53. Sc 2, dec*(18)
54. Sc 1, dec*(12)
55. Dec around (6)

Weave in tail

Eyes (make 2)
With white
1. Mc sc 6
2. Inc*(12)
3. Sc 1, inc*(18)
4. Sc
5. Sc place eyes in between 5 and 6
6. Sc
7. Sc
8. Sc 4,dec*(15)

Leave a long tail for sewing and lightly stuff after you attach eyes

In pink Sc 6
2. Inc*(12)
Slst  to join
Leave a long tail to sew to face

Embroider smile on between cheeks

Arms (make 2)
With green
1. Mc sc 6
2. Sc 1, inc*(9)
3. Sc
4. Sc
5. Sc
6. Sc
7. Sc
8. Sc
9. Sc
10. Sc
11. Sc
12. Sc
13. Sc
14. Sc
Leave a long tail to sew to body and lightly stuff the arms

In pink
Leave a long tail before the chain We will use this to sew skirt to body
We will chain and join the chain with a slip stitch to form a ring

Chain 33
Sl st to starting chain to form a ring

1. Ch 1, sc around (32) slst to first sc
2. Ch 2, hdc 15, inc*(36) slst to join
3. Ch 2, hdc 16,inc*(36) slst to join
4. Ch 2, double crochet two in first stitch, double crochet 3 in the next and repeat  2dc, 3dc*(90) all the way around slst to join

Weave in tail and sew to body right where you changed color

   Please don't share this pattern or the photographs in this pattern as your own. Thank you for choosing this  pattern and please feel free to message me with any questions. 

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