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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tobey the bunny pattern


               Tobey the bunny

Everyone loves a cute bunny and tobey the bunny is very easy to make!

Two colors of worsted weight yarn,  I used I love this cotton yarn from hobby lobby
3.5mm crochet hook
Pink embroidery thread
8mm safety eyes or 12mm will work as well
Fiber fill
Yarn needle (for sewing)
Stitch marker

Sc- single crochet (for my sc I insert hook yarn under pull through, then yarn over and pull through)  you may get a slightly larger bunny when using the normal yarn over for the entire stitch.
Mc- Magic circle
Inc- increase
Dec – decrease (recommend invisible decrease)
Sl st- slip stitch
FO- finish off

Important please read:  You will be working in continuous rounds so do not join. Use a stitch marker to keep track of each round.
Also the safety eyes are not recommended for  children  under  3.
 Make sure you leave long tails after each body part so you can sew on to the body.

 To change color:  You can insert your hook into the last stitch of the round, yarn over and pull through, then yarn over in new color and pull through. Slip st into next stitch.  You can  sc over  yarn tails a  few  stitches then  tie  and tuck  in the back. Don’t forget to count the sl st in the next round.

You are not allowed to sell or distribute this pattern, any part of this pattern, or the photographs in any form.  You may sell finished products made using this pattern just please credit original designer.

Now let’s get started!

Head and body
Using gray or body color of your choice
1.Mc 6 sc
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc 2, inc* (24)
5. Sc 3, inc* (30)
6. Sc 4, inc* (36)
7. Sc 5, inc* (42)
8. Sc 6, inc* (48)
9. – 15. Sc around
16. Sc 6, dec* (42)
17. Sc 5, dec* (36)
18. Sc 4, dec* (30)
19. Sc 3, dec* (24)
20. Sc 2, dec* (18)
21. Inc around (36)
Here you can add safety eyes between rounds 11 and 12 about 7 stitches apart. Stuff and shape head.
22. – 25. Sc around
26. Sc 5, inc* (42)
27. Sc around
28. Sc around
29. Sc 5, dec* (36)
30. – 32. Sc around
33. Sc 4, dec* (30)
34. Sc 3, dec* (24)
Start to stuff and shape body
35. Sc 2, dec* (18)
36. Sc 1, dec* (12)
37. Sc 1, dec* (6)
Finish stuffing and take yarn needle to sew bottom closed. Hide the tail in the body

Using other color (blue) 6 sc
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc around in back loop only
5.-6. Sc around
   Slip stitch into next stitch to FO. Lightly stuff

Ears (make 2)
Using same color as body
1.Mc 6 sc
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc around
5. Sc around
6. Sc 7, dec* (16)
7. Sc around
8. Sc around
9. Sc 6, dec* (14)
10. Sc around
11. Sc 5, dec* (12)
12. Sc around
13. Sc 4, dec* (10)
14. -17. Sc around
18.  Sc 3, dec* (8)
19. Sc around
Slip stitch into next stitch to finish off, don’t stuff, fold flat. Make sure to leave a long yarn tail for sewing.

Legs (make 2)
Starting with other color (not body)
1.Mc 6 sc
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 1, inc* (18)
4. Sc 2, inc* (24) change to body color (gray)
5. Sc around
6. Sc around
7. Sc 12, dec 6 times (18)
8. Sc 12, dec 3 times (15)
Stuff foot
9. – 17. Sc around for 9 rounds
Finish stuffing then sc 6 more to be on the side of the leg, turn the leg around and sc top closed to make easier for sewing.

Arms (make 2)
Using body color (gray)
1.Mc 6 sc
2. Inc* (12)
3. Sc 5, inc* (14)
4. – 6. Sc around
7. Sc 5, dec* (12)
8. Sc 4, dec* (10)
9. Sc around
Start to stuff hand
10. – 16. Sc around
Finish stuffing and you can also sc across top to close to make sewing easier.

Attaching the parts
Now you can sew everything together. I would use lots of pins to hold things in place.
Embroider the nose 1 round down from the eyes making an x
The ears sit on top of the head about 4 rounds down
The arms sew right under the neck on the side.
The legs you may have to move around to find the best spot.
Sew the tail on the back of the bunny about 7 rounds from the bottom is where the bottom of the tail should sit.

You can purchase a PDF download version for $1.99 in my etsy shop

Thank you for using my pattern and I can’t wait to see all of the bunnies made! Feel free to tag me on instagram.

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